The Online Apprenticeship Starts May 4th

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Awaken Your Dreams!

  • Heal

    Heal your wounds and overcome the generational curses holding you back. Learn the secrets of laying on hands and spiritual healing!

  • Transform

    Transcend the limits of the past and and learn to manifest a better life. Develop the skills to transform your client's lives!

  • Inspire

    Embody your spiritual gifts and live a life that expresses who you are and what you came here to do. Become an inspiration for others!

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In this apprenticeship, experience first hand the gifts of spiritual awareness and healing. Through Earth-honoring ceremonies, initiations, and ancient wisdom teachings, you gain the energy and understanding needed to pass beyond the veils of normal consciousness into the realms of trans-personal awareness. Learning the sacred arts of shamanism in the traditional way by experiencing them for yourself, known as the path of the wounded healer.

We all have spiritual gifts, but to learn to develop these gifts into the power to transform your life and offer something meaningful to the world is priceless! This just isn’t possible on your own. You need the guidance of a skilled mentor who has navigated their own journey to wholeness.

From the moment you answer the call, you will embark on your Journey to Wholeness in its full sense, step by step learning to master and empower yourself. Starting the first week you will see the amazing benefits of deeper spirituality in your life, increased inspiration, a sense of purpose, and greater wellbeing. You will be guided by a millennial old living tradition learning exactly what to do and how it benefits you and the world. Through transforming your life and becoming whole, you develop the medicine to help others do the same. You’ll receive feedback from a supportive community of like-minded people, and the professional support from people skilled at keeping you moving forward into your becoming.

Jumpstart the Spiritual Experience!

The work of the shaman is to create atmosphere that allow direct encounter with the spiritual world for healing and guidance.

In Navigating the Sacred you learn  processes that launch you deep into powerful and transformative spiritual experiences. You will learn to directly encounter energy fields and the spiritual codes that make up the human body.  

Drink Deeply the Nectar of the Hummingbird!

In the Andean sacred traditions the hummingbird represents the path of the nature mystic and their ability to bridge the gap between the sacred and mundane worlds. In the Path of the Hummingbird you learn how to perform the ceremonies that reconnect you to the sacredness of nature. You will discover how to read the sacred landscapes, working with the natural world and the spirits of nature to enrich your healings

Discover the Power of the Puma!

Here the focus is on developing the power and character needed to step into the role of a spiritual healer and mentor. The  Puma represents the power of this world and its connection to the shadowy realms of our ancestors and the hungry ghosts, We learn to stalk the power and shadows that haunt our clients and free them from generational curses and the death that's been stalking them.

Embody the Magic of the Serpent!

Transform your spiritual experiences into the raw power to take action in the world. In the Path of the Serpent we develop the magical powers of the visionary. You will develop relationships with the spirit teachers that help to clear your sight, hone your impulse and intuition showing you the way to become a master of the living energies and a conscious co-creator in the dream. 

Pricing options

There are two pricing options to fit your needs: Pay in full or A Nonrefundable $500 deposit and 8 monthly payments of $250. Regardless of pricing option 10% of the proceeds will go to help the Indigenous peoples of Peru.


don Zane Curfman

Zane is a Author, Healer and Spiritual teacher who has been serving his community for over 20 years. Zane Started apprenticing in the Q'ero Paqo Kuna tradition (Nature Mystic/shamanism) in his early 20's. His interest in the subject became so great that he ended up learning from many indigenous spiritual masters throughout the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes. In 2009 Zane was adopted by the family of Husto Apaza and Maria Soclie and became a member of the Q'ero village of Qiqo. Zane loves these traditions, believing they hold essential keys to unlocking the spiritual potential of the individual. He was tasked by his masters to adapt these teachings for the western mind while preserving their cultural roots. To this end he created the Wild Hearts Medicine Society and the 9 month Art of Spiritual Healing Apprenticeship Program. 10% of the Proceeds of the program go to directly aid the Indigenous People of the Andes.